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a few new pikkies

well hello!

i know i promised to update more regularly, and i know i have broken that promise, and i would like to make it up to you, just tell me how and i will!!

Master Dozer has started Hight School...yee haa, for the first time in his schooling life...HE IS HAPPY! no more drop kick loosers who will pick on anything that moves, no more short bubblers, no more LONG drive to drop off and pick ups!!!! i am Happyyyyy too! His school is just around the corner, he has mates galore, he is doing his homework VOLINTARY (is that how you spell it) please let me know! And he is getting out of bed before me!!! and that my friends is a HUGE deal! He just LOVES it, especially metal work, they are making a bird cage...(i think this means we have to get a bird) As for football, hw is still playing but not for Wests any more, he wanted a clean start with everything, school and football, so now he is playing for another team, and first practice is next week, so i will let you know how he goes!

Miss Hiccup, IS SO CUTE, she has personality plus this little princess of mine (ours), walking everywhere, talking the leg of a running donkey, she makes us laugh daily, and did i mention she is sooooo cute!

The cheque is yes you guessed it working, working, working hard, too hard with the restaurant and now the bistro with dad too, he is very busy, god love him,

and ME, yes i still LOVE my job, and will miss it terribly when we move away from Brisbane, but hey, sometimes you have to make a big decision, bite the bullet and just do it!!!

on the scrapbooking side of things, havent been doing a lot really, which is a little disapointing/sad, i guess its a mojo thing, and i just have to find mine again, i hope it hasn't run too far!

well thats about it today, will leave you with one last word....umm nah can't think of anything!


forgot to mention we had Kirsty, Paul and the kids come to visit after xmas, it was great to see them, the kids have grown soooo much, they are such good kids, they played with Miss Hiccup for hours, it was a fleeting visit but it was nice to have a short distraction while Master dozer and the cheque were away!
AND we have some reallies from Germany over at ther moment too, Simona and Brigitta, they are hilarious, cant really understand what they say much, but we seem to have the same wharped sense of humour!!!! i know is that really possible!!!! they have done all the touristy things, Mum took them to sydney for a bit, they loved that!
they did lone pine, they are staying at the coast at the moment, learning to booogie board, and getting some rays! (not that there is much sun) darn rain! seaworld next week, and Australia Zoo on tuesday which i am looking formard too, as i have never been there before!

i and Miss Hiccup will miss them. Her new word is Gitta, which Brigitta is stoked about, and MUM is cheesed about, as she doesnt say granny yet!!! But what can you do!!

well thats it today, thanks for listening, and as Jen says...
seats forward, trays up and thanks for flying with me!!! Ax
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thankyou Mater childrens

yes you read right, we spent the day at Mater childrens hospital yesterday!!! our day went like this.

get up early see the boys off to sydney, have relaxing cuppa and update and read neglected blogs, (even manged to leave a few comments), Miss Hiccup wakes at around 7.30.

we have a lovely breakfast together...just the two of us.. ran a bath for her, so now fed and washed, i decided to get ready and have a girly day shopping..
pop herdown on the bathroom floor, and start to blowdry my hair.
Miss Hiccup toddles off to her bedroom, (which can be seen from the bathroom as its right next door)
after 30 seconds she comes in screaming trying to rip off her shirt, the first thing that comes to my mind is...she has been bitten by something and its still in her shirt, i rip her shirt off, pick her up, and bang she passes out in my arms....well i can not tell you what is going through my head!
i gave her a shake and she came through, she was as pale as anything, with blue lips, and out she goes again, so i ring an ambulance straight away...... paramedic, (lovely lady) runs in within 3 mins, by this time Miss Hiccup has blacked out twice more....she checks her over for bites and too finds nothing, by this time an ambulance has shown up, and off to hospital we go...

so after heart monitors, lung breathing tests etc, etc etc (and me busting to go to the toilet, but wont leave her) the doctor comes near her, and accidently frightens her, and she blacks out again, He gives her a quick slap, smiles at me and says... your little angel has learnt to hold her breath!!!! WTF!!!! is my answer to do you explain the screaming before it happened, and he says, something obviously scared her, like i did just then, and her way of dealing with this is to cry and hold her breath!!!!! little monster!!!

all is well and she hasn't done it again since!!!!, they say she may never do it again, but at least now i know what to do if she does!!!

last post for the year

well we had a wonderful xmas, quiet, but wonderful, the dooroo's and aunty S stayed with us xmas eve, and the Cheque cooked us the most scrumptious start with creamed garlic prawns on jasmine rice, (i dont know how he cooks his rice, but it is always perfect) followed by rib eye, smashed potatoes, topped with baby corn and asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce...yummmo. dessert was meant to be induvitual puddings fruit or chocolate ....mmm choices! with brandy custard, cream and ice-cream, but we were to full and had them the next day!!!

The pinq's have a tradition of always opening one gift on xmas eve, and seeing they couldnt be with us this year we got the conference call thing happening with them on loud speaker and we opened our gifts to each other on the phone, it was heaps of fun, very funny, (and im sure 40mins later has cost a fortune!!!

we were up early xmas morning to see the cheque off to work...aaahhh the glory of being a chef and having to feed the lazy people that couldnt be bothered making there own xmas lunch!! (do it your self next year people....i want my hubby home for xmas...just once...)

we had a lovely seafood lunch (xmas was at my house this year..i have the pool) but i have to say it wasn't warm enough to swim).

Master Dozer didnt return home from his "road trip" with his father till 4.00 christmas day afternoon, so it was a dreary moring waiting for him to arrive home! (we just wanted to open our pressies), but once he was home and the cheque was home from work we were right into it!!! paper flying every where, bows, ribbon and sparkles galore!!! aaah it was great to see...and guess what, i didnt take one blasted photo!!!!! heellooo i hear you all say.... arn't you the happy snap queeen scrapbooker.. well yes i am , but a slack a$$ at the same time!! hehe..

my beautiful husband made me lobster for dinner!!!

Boxing day was spent at the dales, having xmas #2 it was lovely,
and then bright and early this morning... i mean even before the birds had a chance to wake me, (3.30am) we were up, and the cheque and Master Dozer headed off to Sydney, Miss Hiccup and I will follow in a couple of days!

So i am here a 6.15am in total silence, (except for a few crows, and a noisy cockatoo) having a cuppa, chatting away with you.... i may just stay in my jammies all day!!!

so MERRY XMAS...HAPPY NEW YEAR....3 cheers and up ya bum!!!

december 14th 2007

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday our
wonderful darling
little miss hiccup,
happy birthday to you.
x x x x x x x x

happy 1st birthday
little munshkin we
love you big
x x x x x x x

Quick update

well hello hello hello

Master Dozer has his graduation tonight...yes i will post photos in the morning.. He had his final Rock band performance last Sunday night, they did "their" version of hark the herald angels sing....OMG it ROCKED!!!! and they even got encored!!! yes i am a proud mummy....
He spent the day last Friday at his new high school, h loved it...he came home and said "we even got to use a bunsen burner" WOW WEE was my comment....extitement to use a flame!!

Little Miss Hiccup, is out of control!!! OMG talk about a tanty throwing, bull headed, own minded little angel!!!! she knows what she wants and aint nothing gonna stop her! She is still sweet and totally adorable but i tell you dont get on the wrong side of thes nearly one year old!!!

Me... i am working hard and have not been able to scrapbook in a long long time....oh where does the time go!

talk soon A x x x x x


happy happy happy birthday, Virginia, Anna and John, i hope you all had and have great days see you all on the 30th x x x x x x x

happy brithday Emma-Jean x x x x luv ya lots little sweetheart!!! x x x x

AND HERE IT IS........

i have been is in
Scrapbooking Memories magazine ,
volume 9, number 6 page 81...
(just in case your interested)!!!!


i have just been told by fellow scrapbooker friends, that my "faeries" page on Master Dozer and Miss Hiccup, has been published in this months Scrapbooking Memories magazine...and it got a FULL PAGE !!! wooohooo, i was so excited when i was told i broke into tears....i know sop sop sop, but hey i am a little chuffed about it and extremely proud of my self!

oh and i have other know how i always, yes always gloat that i have a perfect driving record, and have never been booked for anything....well yesterday this came to a sorry end...yes you guest it i got my first ever "driving offence" ticket yesterday! youch right before christmas, just when you dont want a fine to pay! so i will now watch out for speed cameras at bottoms of hills, and i will no longer keep up with the traffic, although i dont understand how they said i was doing the speed that they said i was when i was on a busy road, in peek hour traffic, outside a shopping centre...but hey....those cameras are NEVER wrong are they!!!!! anyway talk ....(a little broker and with less points) soon.....Ax

i am such a slack blogger....

well i am going to start with some extremely exciting news.....Master Dozer came home from school and told me he had auditioned for the school play which is on in the last week of school, they have to reherse every lunch hour and 2 afternoons a anyway, he told me the part he auditioned for was between him and 5 others, anyway to cut a long story short, he got the part...i was so excited for you want to know what the part is.....are you ready for this.....and those of you that know master dozer will think this is a hoot.....he is.....The head Ugly step sister in cindarella -, can you believe Dozer in a dress and make-up! well he is absolutely stoked! (god, what have i created) ...

Miss Hiccup is growing daily and in more ways than one....she is now 10.7 kgs and quite tall! she can talk the leg of an iron pot, and has a temper to rival mine anyday!!!! her favorite word at the moment is "no" not in the naughty way, she just likes to crawl around saying it!!! (no no no no no no no, non stop) she has a mop of brown curls and the bluest of blue eyes....geez, where has the time gone! she is 1 in 2 weeks!!

as for me...not really much to talk about accept........I WON BEST BOY LAYOUT 2007!!! for scrapbooking, the awards night was with scrapbook city and we had a hoot! And i got the coolest little trophy and a sizzix big shot as a prize!!!! (it is my first trophy for anything ever) !!!!! and yes i am very excited. the layout was of master dozer (of course) titled rock star, and you can see it and my prize and tropy at (want to show it off)..

well thats all for now....




as i i am!

well i will start of todays little convo by saying, that we have had rain rain rain, and our pool is overflowing!!! hee ha...
as i mentioned in my previous post that Dozer was in Battle of the bands, and he has just informed me that they won!!!!! yay GSS senior band! a big congrats to you all, with all the hard afterschool practice it has paid off...a well deserved win!

I have just done 6 days at the Brisbane craft and quilt fair with the Threads and More stand, and i have to say i am extremely pooped!! i had an absolute ball working and had a chat with a few friends...Katalin, Lauren, Carole, Jen and Terri it was great to see you all and am looking forward to seeing you all again in a couple of weeks at the awards night!!!

The awards night, ...... i am attending a scrapbooking awards night, it will be heaps of fun and i cant wait i have about 20 layouts in so we will see how i go!!

Little Miss Hiccup or should i say Little Miss (Prending to be) SHY! What a caracter we have created!! sheesh i just cant keep up with the different girls she is every day....
but thats another post..

well thats it today just wanted to update you with battle of the bands...

thatks for tuning in........Ax

yes im still alive!

sorry for not paying you all much attention, between darling Miss Hiccup, the scrap awards and extra hours at work, i havent really had a lot of time, and i know every post i say this will change, but hey i will admit i am a slack a##. (excuse the language) .

i wnt to start off today by saying happy birthday Lyn-Maree x x x x x
i hope it ws a good one, because the night before it sure was!!!!! I have a new hobby, or should i say hobbies! yes i know you are thinking, but what about scrapbooking well i may soon have a little rest from that we will see within the next two months!! so i suppose ypu would like to know what my new hobbies are.......................................................well i have started making sock monsters or MOX as my brother Mr Pinq has named them, the are soo cute and so much fun to make, and my other new addiction/hobby is is so cool! i did a course last week with the wonderful Raewyn Penrose who was in Australia for a fleeting visit and i felted my little heart out, i made a sample and a wall hanging (the cheque is rolling his eyes. ANOTHER HOBBY!) and i just love the fact that you start with a hank of unspun wool and just create with different yarns, organza, satin, silk threads etc and it turns out wonderful! the girls, made clothing, rugs, wall hangings, cushions, scarves, bags, hats the results were all wonderful..

Well miss Hiccup is well and truly mobile, she can be by your feet then 2 seconds later when you look down she has dissapeared and is all the way down the hall... and for those of you that know my house that is a looooong way! she doesnt sit for any more than 30 seconds, and is yabba yabba yabba all day long! She said Brayden the day before yesterday as clear as anything, we all just looked at each other dumbfounded and asked did she just say that!!! and she now asks for things and does the actions to twinkle twinkle...she is so cute..

Master Dozer, missed his football presentation the other day, ooohhh you say, but it was for good reason, he went off to Toowomba for his first ever live concert...yes you guessed it he went to see powderfinger and silverchair... and loved it!!!
He has his battle of the bands on this weekend, all the schools from brizzy competing to find the BEST of Brisbane... we will see how they go, mind you they are very tallented, they do this amazing orchestral piece where his TUBA has a solo, it is called LIGHTENING, and the first time i heard the orchestra play it, i was speechless, the noise just runs straight through you, it is suppose to be the timeline of a storm, and it is fantastic, i unfortunately i have to work, but Pa is taking his and is going to video so all is well!

The cheque has been for a quick week in sydney to visit his family, he had a good time and i am glad he is home!!!

well that is all for now and i PROMISE i will update with in a 10 day period...PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE

The latest




ha did i scare you!! haha, well what been MUCH!! Miss Hiccup is well and truly mobile..eeeeek!! she is crawling everywhere, and pulling herself up to standing on anything that is still long enough!!! I went into her cot the other night and there she was standing holding the rails saying mummumum And the talking OMG! She has also discovered all the muscles in her face and is copying everything we do.. She does the cutes scrunch the face up look i have ever seen. She is hilarious!!! We are in fits of laughter constsntly, But let me tell you she is going to be one horror thats for sure... She already has the "attitude' and is shaking her head NO at everything!!!

Master Dozer is on holidays and hasnt been home one night yet!! He spent yesterday at golf camp and loved it, now this weekend he and a mate are of on a skate board "tour" on the sunshine coast!!! i never got to do anything like that when i was 12!!!

The cheque is in Sydney at the moment for the Rugby League grand final, he is a HUGE Manly fan, so this year is "his year" he says!!! GO MANLY!!! not really i will whisper GO STORMS!!

and as for me i am still loving my job! have been working hard, and doing a few extra hrs here and there, but yes am totally enjoying it! I knitted a handbag, and have done a few scarves for the shop, and am working on a rug for Masterdozer now!!! I love really i do!

chow for now...Ax


since my last post, so much has happened.....Miss Hiccup is talking, she is saying muma, dadad, bubub, lala, and dont ask me why fish, but everything is fish....she has learn't that if you hit things together they make a racket, and she has also found out thet if she drops things someone will pick them up...little rat bag. She is now on full on solids, eating what we eat, she loves vanilla wafer biscuits and grated cheese and apple...yummo...

Master Dozer had his school fete on the weekend andalthough the oval looked more like a lagoon the fete went ahead and it was good, the kids performances went really well......and as for his rock band...well thats a whole post onto itself....he is still upset by it so wont go there just yet....stay tuned!

The cheque....well he is the cheque...same ole same work golf golf....nothing changes least he is over his nasty cold and smiling again!!!! Mind you getting a little narky in the footy tipping, but hey you cant win every week!

As for me, nothing changes there either. Still scrapping, still working....still mumming....
oh there is one thing since i last posted it was my birthday....happy birthday to me.....

love always A x

1..2..3..together..AAAWWWWEEEE CUTE


dont know when i'll be back again!!!!......................more on this soon................hhahahahahah

a little R and R

i think not!!! i have just returned from what was meant to be a relaxing weekend retreat with the girls from scrapbook city, you know the kind, a little scrapping, a little chatting, a bit of dinner, WELL OMG, and you guys say that i am full on, let me tell you these girls give me a run for my money! I would have to say, i have never ever had a weekend like this before... i was in stitches the whole time away, the classes were incredible, the company totally enjoyable and food to the eyeballs...not to mention a little of the "no alcohol allowed" NOT!!! YOU GiRLS ROCK!! I learnt so much (and not only about scrapping)!!!

Master Dozer and Miss Hiccup are doing wonderful, MD has had the vomiting/cold/flu virus for a couple of days, not to mention a sore ankle from footy, but he is on the up now! MH is so clever!!! she doing more and more everyday, everything to her is fish!!!! we say mum mum mum mum she says fish, we say dad dad dad dad she says fish!!! gees i know i look like a groper sometimes but.....

Cheque is still working hard as ever, will not say any more about my hubby in case it is "taken the wrong way" and maybe "slandered" a little so thats it about him!

thats all today ....Ax

when the going gets tough

the tough cut there work hrs!!!! yes i have down graded my working hours. and i have to say that master dozer and miss hiccup are much happier for it! I have gone from 30hrs to 16hrs a week, so yes i have almost halved it!!! (it will be easier on the cheque as well, as he doesn't have to have them as much).....much to his relief.. Miss hiccup was becoming a bit of a hand full... we put it down to seperation anxiety! Well i am off to another scrapbooking retreat next weekend... and for all of you that say "another one, god your selfish".....and you know who you are. Big rasperries to you!!! I know i don't have to justify my self, so i wont!!!.. my hubby is encouraging me to go so i am.

As i said earlier miss hiccup is doing much better, still a little clingy, but nowhere near what she was yay! She is almost crawling, she can get one leg going, but the other is still in no go mode! but it will happen, she is sitting up really well now and holding and drinking from her sippy cup by herself, she is also blowing kisses, its toooo cute, she sort of blows this sloppy spitty kiss while rolling her tongue.. so talented...just like her mum!

Master dozer is well, he came off his skateboard on the weekend, and is all bandaged, his wrist is sore and swelling bigger by the day, i am taking him for an xray tomorrow, as they say he may have chipped the bone...poor kid! Which will mean no footy for a couple of weeks, he is not impressed! He has a new teacher for the rest of the year, a young male teacher Mr Ashton, and the kids think he is fantastic, his last teacher retired during the school holidays ( much to the classes joy)!! He had a band day last week at the local high school it was "battle of the bands" i don't know how they went, he wont tell me!!! cant have been to good!

Well now for the cheque......he is turning the big 40 this weekend!!! he is coping with it o.k. hasn't really mentioned it much... although he did put a colour in his hair, so maybe it is affecting him a little! He and daddy dooroo, have just started a little bistro of there own at the toowong bowls club, wont make any money they say, but they are enjoying themselves!!! daddy dooroo is quite the social one so he is really enjoying having a chat with all the members, they are really nice people, we went down for dinner a couple of nights ago, and by the time we left, we pretty much all knew each who would have thought lawn bowlers could be so much fun!!

Happy birthday Chloe, hope you had a great day!

well thats about it at the moment, feel free to pop over to my other site and see my latest creations, and maybe leave a comment of 2, but other than that have fun... and thanks for reading!!!!.......Ax

vegemite kid!!!

yyyuuuuummmm vegemite!!!! she just loved it!!! GRUB!

At the dales (photo's)


isn't it cold...good morning everyone i know i have been slack in updating here, and not on the other one!!!! but that will stop i promise!

well today i will start with me, i am good thanks! Still loving my new job. we are in the process or moving shop so all is quiet there at the moment! i am on about a week of actually, because the builders forgot to build one of the walls at the new premises so we have to wait for that.. in the meantime for work Jason and i are working on the menu for the new cafe that is attatched to Threads & much fun! And guess what I AM KNITTING!!!!!!!
SEE!!!! the scalf i made for Emmy while she is freezing down south! and the other one (how many knitting projects can you have on the go at once)!!!! well to tell you the truth i have 5!! and i am loving it!!!! and i have learnt to make daisy flowers with a crochet hook and this little disk thinggy, and bead..... aaahhh i work hard!! No seriously i do work hard but every now and then when it is not so busy ( i wont say when it is quiet, because there are always people in the shop) someone teaches me something! love it love it love it.... and Rian one of the teachers there says i am the fastest yet to learn (big smiley face here)... Now if only i could get my hands in the felting oh and the handbag making... most of you know of my obsession with handbags!!! But that will come and i can not wait!!
The cheque is well, as usual working hard he and father dooroo, have just taken on the catering contract at a local bowls club... and FD can not wait, he has always wanted to do something like that.... i think if he didn't join the airforce he would have been a chef...but then he wouldn't have met my mother and i wouldn't exist and be here writting this jibber!!! (maybe that could have worked out!!!) lolololol..... Any way he is off to Sydney in a couple of days for a week or so to visit his family down there.
Hello Sydney family....i know you drop in occasionally for a read and catch up. all is well here the kids are great and growing everyday.. i have given Cheque a DVD of the kids for you to watch!
Miss Hiccup is SITTING up all by her self now.... slow and steady my girl is! Aunty Ree and Emmy had her for 1/2 hour the other day while mum ran out and picked Master Dozer up from school, and she sat for 4 minutes... they had never seen it before and ran around like mad women, taking photo's and trying to ring me at work, they were so excited.. Aunty Ree said to me when i got home, Emmy was running around saying "look at our baby mummy she is sitting up!!!" how cute Emmy!!!!! Miss Hiccup has also found that if she squeals she gets attention!!!! lucky she is so adorable!
Master Dozer is on school holidays at the moment (so my unknown week off worked in quite well) and there is no footy over the school break so he is quite lost over this break...i might have to take him golfing, so he has at least one thing to do!..
the pinq's are really really well still working hard and the shop is still doing well... so all is good there. Mrs Dale is in the US at the moment this is her 6th trip and i would say her last! the kids she nannies for are older now and dont need "nanny-ing" but they will always im sure need there grams!
went and visited Mr Dale and Pa yesterday and took some adorable photos of them and Miss Hiccup!!! will post them up soon!
well that is about it for now..OH... my 1 vs 100 update, i have made the top 150 from 2000 so will let you know how i go.... i had to send them some info and they said if i make the "mob pod" i will be with the crafty ladies!!!!! lol how funny is that. it will probably be me and 5 old women!!!lol but haven't heard about deal or no deal...
talk soon and more regularly i promise.................Ax
just a quick note today....i have been told by an "anonomous" commentor that i say too much personal stuff on my site!!! so from now on "anonomous" you are blocked from my site!!! HA!
maybe you should start using a name!!!!

well, life has been hectic..miss hiccup has decided that she is a night owl!!! yep up allllll night, was driving around in the car until 4.00am this morning just so she could get some sleep!!! Teething(still) i think..

Master Dozer is doing well, he is off on an excersion for lote today, they a doing to a temple and then for a yum cha...never had day trips like that when i was a kid.

The cheque is good....i should clarify BTW "anonomous" that he is called this not because i bludge his money...(he doesn't have any!!!), but because he is a chef and has checkered pants...also because it is his nick name given to him by his mates!!! anyway back to it.....he is still working way to hard. Hopefully now i am working way more hours, he will stop! but i doubt it!!

thats all today...bye...Ax

hello hello hello

before i start to tell this weeks story, i want to tell everybody......BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW!!!!.....because i didn't and guess what....yep...the bloody thing crashed and i lost the lot!!!! all my photo's including our wedding, the PinQ's wedding, our honeymoon, all the photos of Miss Hiccup's birth ...... the whole bloody lot, not to mention all The Cheques Menu's, Dozers homework and essays for the year..... the list goes on, i am not, i repeat NOT a very happy camper this week. so if anybody has copies of photo's i have emailed them or discs of photo's from the mentioned events (i know none of you have honey moon ones!!!!!) could you please please please send them to me!!!! thankyou in advanced

now that all that is out of the way...

hi everyone, i have had a fantastic week...i love my new job so much.....i am actually enjoying getting up and going to work, which i have not done for sooooo long! I am so in my element, i love it , i love it, i love it,. Have not had much time to scrap book mind you (ggggrrrrrhhhh) but there is a life outside cutting up pieces of paper.....cry cry cry.....if i keep telling myself that one day i may convince my self...

Aunty S is OS at the moment and she has taken my camera as you already know...i didn't realise that it was permenantly attatched to me until it was gone. i miss it... oh...and i miss her to (cheeky) i know you will read this from Latvia Aunty S....HI MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU STACKS. XXXXXX...BTW, you have missed Miss Hiccups first roll, raspberry, sitting up, kisses, and today she said....wheres Aunty S i miss her terribly!!!! (ok i made that last bit up). but you have missed them all becuse you have become this high flying jet setter!!!! hahahahah. hope you are having a great time, put a nickle in the pokies in vegas for me!!!!

Master Dozer was on a game show yesterday called Sharky's it is being filmed at the moment at chanel 9, it is a new kids quiz show.....he said it was boring....not to worry, its a good experience, speaking of game shows, yesterday i received an email asking me to go on 1 v's 100 AND deal or no cool is that....two celebs in the house on one day!!!
i think i am on a roll, dont they all good things come in threes...hhheeeheheheheh..

The Cheque......same as always working working working, however he has friday, saturday and sunday of this week.....but i am leaving him and off to a retreat with 100's of other likeminded scrapbookers... not sure about leaving Miss Hiccup, but everybody told me that i should go, and they will all be around to help as quick as a flash i said O.K then i will go!!!!
Miss PinQ is coming as well, and we will join Leah, Lis, and Sandra to form our own little "club" and we are determined to win the costume crop this week end!!! i will post photo's of our costumes from the night when i get back...if we dont win....we are definitely beeing ripped off!!! This years theme is troppo cropping so you can imagine what we are wearing...if any one remembers what we wore last year....(pj's and pearls) this is much bigger....and much better!!!!! Miss PinQ rekons we have got it in the bag!!!!!

well have a great weekend every one, cause i know i will......GO WESTS!!!!! i know this week is your week!!!!!


its like my first day at school again....

well i started my NEW job today, and i have to say I LOVE IT... for those of you that don't know, 3 weeks ago i was offered a job at a wonderful little store called Threads and More at Bardon.. after accepting it, then knocking it back, then a few more phone calls and negotiating, i accepted the job, and i have to say i am so glad i did.... i am in my element. As most of you know i am pretty crafty, and i will admit pretty darn good at it too.. So today on my first day, besides learning the to open the shop, turn on computers, coffee machine, etc, etc, etc, i made my first necklace....yes and it was gorgeous!!!, i also got to play with a little braiding thing which looks like a hexagon and you rotate the threads to make a shoe lace, or you can do it with beads, to make necklaces, and many many other things... well....i love everything about this place, the staff are fantastic....and i am the youngest there (for a change), the customers are fantastic, and the stock in the shop is totally gorgeous..i am so happy.. I think i will have a very happy and long working life with these people!!!!

Scrapbooking.... well i have entered 4 challenges this month and have gotten 1 first, 1 second and 2 thirds, cant complain really, and have also had one of my layouts titled faeries accepted for publication, in scrapbook memories!!!! toot toot for me!!! you can see the LO on my other site (just click to see) i love it so much and i am so glad that they do too....

well Miss Hiccup has a cold at the moment, lots of little parcels coming out of her nose and mouth!!! but i have to say for someone who is miserable, she still has a mighty fine spirit about her!!!! little monster/angel!!

Master Dozer has no football training this week as we have a bye for our next game (yay, finally some points up on our table) have to get them anyway you can!!!!!! The poor little blighters still have not had a win!!! and boy do they get shirty lately....some of them are down right little turds!!! but as long as the boys remember that this is a game for fun and exercise not sheep stations (mind you some other people not just the boys, should remember this also), they just keep plodding least they have gotten out of the habit of running like a crab on the field!(sideways) and have started to go forward, which is a start!!!

The cheque, is yes you guessed it, still working hard and lots of long hours, hopefully with me now working more hours, he can cut back on sundays at least!!!!!

the dooroos, have just returned from their galivanting around the pin point state (tassie), with a bag full of goodies, a belly full of gourment tucker, a camera full of happy snaps, and a head and heart full of memories, they absolutely loved it, which i knew they is such a wonderful place!!!

the pinq's are doing well, miss pinq had a little medical scare, had a little procedure and thank god, was all OK...kissies to you lady pinQ x x x x x x

Aunty S arrived in Vegas out vegas!!!!!! it is the first leg of her little mini, almost around the world trip. After she has done her stops around the US she is going to visit some rellies in germany, and see the house that mum was born in and tramp of to Latvia to do a little look around to see where my grandfather came from, and a few other stops, not exactly sure where!!! slack niece i am!!!,, one thing i do know is that i leant her my camera, and i miss it all ready.....scrapbookers...cameras....hand in hand really!!!! Mum is lending my he faithful old Kodak, so i dont get photo taking withdrawrals, as you all know i take about 20 - 30 a day!!!! And thats not including the ones i take of Miss Hiccup and Master Dozer....

well waffled enough today... so must be off and get the kiddly winks some food
thanks for dropping by....Ax

morning mummy!!

this is what i get greeted with every morning
as i am having my first cuppa - "morning mummy "
is what comes with it.....dont ya just love the hair!!
Bless Him!!!!

only a mother could love it!!!!!
(he was extremely shitty that i took this)


two post in two days...what is she on!!!!!

I forgot to mention yesterday that on mothers day my nieces Matilda and Emma- Jean gave me a "paper doily" in a shoe box, on this doily was written, "Aunty Niss - one facial, one hand massage, one foot massage, baby sitting for the day and waitress for the day....after i had mine done, every body else wanted theres done!!!! here a a couple of pics of Grandma Dale and Aunty W having there massages,

and my feet after there wonderful treatment..

and to say thankyou to the girls, i gave them a
couple of foils each, (yeah i know, i do have a box
in my boot at all times with product in it)!!!!!

happy mothers day mum....wherever you are!!!! My mum is on the road somewhere between the Gordon River and Cradle Mountain in Tasmania...and she is either ignoring the 20 or so phone calls i tried to make or thay have no phone range!!!! So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY (yelling) maybe she will hear. We had a lovely mothers day, my first one with miss hiccup (12th with the dozer!) Pa, Lyn-maree, Emma-Jean, Matilda and I had pancakes with banana, maple syrup, and ice-cream for breaky!!! hehehehe (what boombaladas we are) but wait it gets worse!!! then for lunch we had scallops and hot chip with fresh soft delicious bread sandwiches..... then dinner.....(full to my neck already) the Dales did a scrumpsious roast with all the trimmings....mmmmmm.....gotta love that...then cake...mwhahahah..(forgot to add the night before Pa shouted us all Pizza, chicken wings, garlic bread, and for desert choc drumsticks...) Yes i will not be eating thismorning!!!!!!

well the kids are all good, and the cheque..yes is still working hard he worked all weekend, so Monday is his weekend.. and we are off to get the windows in the cars tinted and lunch, maybe i will eat!!

I got a new job...i will no longer be hairdressing....(only for special people)..As of the 24th May i will be working at THREADS and MORE at Bardon.. it is a craft shop that specializes in yarns, threads, beads etc etc scrapbooking though......(i will see what i can do)...tooooo exciting! yes i think it is time for a change, i do absolutely love hairdressing, but after 18 years....well...

OHHH forgot to tell you what i got for mothers day...Master Dozer got me the CD i wanted..(now to get the played in the car fixxed) because it is not one that the men in the house favor!!! and Miss Hiccup got me NEW PILLOWS!!! aaahh had the best nights sleep last night! Now to see if thy stay on my side of the bed...or will "migrate " to the "other side" like all the good pillows do!!!!! (will let you know in a week) heres a little picture (or 3) to say good bye soon....Ax

thanks for looking....

when you snap a good one

you just have to fiddle with it and turn it into a work of art!!!

i took this picture of Master Dozer and the Hiccup, on Dozers birthday on sunday...there is a park in Buderim, which has the most amazing trees in it, and as we were driving back to brizzie on Sunday, i made them all get out of the car so i could have this shot... talk about scrapbook obsessive!!! Well i just LOVE IT!! yes i did add the fairy wings from a program, they are not always there.... however i have said in previous post that she was about to sprout them!!!!... Alas there they are...

Yes as i said it was Dozers birthday on the weekend...a big 12 o my where have the years gone...he got very spoilt, he has cash spurting out og his ears, a new skateboard for him and his father to airbrush a design on, a new good charlotte guitar and stacks of other stuff......SPOILT OR was also miss pinq's fathers 60th on the weekend, hence why we were in Buderim, we suprised him with a piano accordian, and i would have to say it was the first time i have ever seen the man speechless......i was amazing to watch his face as he opened his pressie....did not expect that at all...a great weekend was had by all.

as you all know it is Mothers day this weekend... so to all the mums or (moms) for you yankies out there happy mothers mum will be away is Tassie for it, so she will have to wait until she gets back..mwhahahah....EVIL..

Miss Hiccup is doing well had her needles yesterday, so no one got much sleep last night, 2 in one leg, 1 in the other... poor little critter...had temperatures and must have had sore legs, she didn't sleep much at all, maybe she will catch up today.

thats about it today... have uploaded new layouts on my other site if you want to have a gander, including one done with the beautiful picture above.

talk soon ....Ax

Strange People Strange Minds.....

This comes to us from the lovely Linda M.

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too
Cna yuo raed tihs?
Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs copy & paste it and send it on to your clever family & friends to see if their brains are up to it.. xx

i could read it perfectly and quite fast, however i had to slow down a little when it got back to the normal writing....doh...A x

Thanks Linda x x x x

what do you do

when you can't sleep!!! i will tell you what i do, i catch up on my blogging!! i have been up since 3.18am, yes thats right 3.18am!!!! so i have read everybodies blogs that i know, even read older posts that i haven't caught up with AND left comments!! WOW you say, she never leaves comments.... well i have turned over a new leaf, and since people have started to leave comments on my other site, (you guys are too lack over here on this site!!) and have enjoyed receiving and reading them, i presume other site holders must feel the there fore i have officially become a "site comment leaver" and proud of it!! I think i need a special shirt or something made, "Hi, Im a blog commenter and proud of it!" So with visiting others blogs for 2.5 hrs this morning i thought i may as well update mine, 2 in one week i hear you say, that will throw you wont it !!! mwhahahah, my horns are poking through right now!! not much to say about the squids and Cheque today, but....oh, we went to the Dales for dinner last night... lovely night was had by all, Dadad cooked Master Dozers fav .... steak ... hmmmm.. medium rare just the way he likes it on the BBQ hmmmm (again)

The Cheque booked yesterday to go skiing with his Little Bro and Lou .. and i think he is feeling guilty about it because he asked last night "dont you usually go off to some scrapbooking retreat for the weekend soon?" to which my reply was "yes but not this year we can't afford it and Miss Hiccup is still a bub!" to this his answer was... i think you should go i will take 2 days off work and look after her!!! hahaha GUILTY!!!! which is quie funny, because i had lunch with a girlfriend yeasterday and she asked me if i was going this year, and i said no, so i will ring her this morning (at a better hour than now though) maybe when normal people are awake, and tell he to book me in danno...i am commin' scrappin'.

this year it is at korralbyn resort 2 lovely days and nights of non stop scrapping and dressups and eating and drinking with hundreds of nattering women everywhere ...hmmm.....i now that this does not sound appealing to most of you but to me it is what i imagine heaven is like, only less white!! Oh.. and i didn't mention to him that i HAVE to go to a 2 day retreat at Brookfield in July as well (you dont have to sleep over though, you can go from 7am till 9pm, saturday and sunday) ....well I dont HAVE to go but i am!!..It is with completely different people to the other i can't be snobbing off one group can I !!!! (looks like i have to work a few extra hours i don't think he will come at paying for 2 retreats in one year, let alone 2 in 2 months!!) much does it cost to go skiing for a week i wonder.... must google ski holidays!!! mwhahahah my horns are getting bigger!!! evil me!!

chat soon .....Ax...

theres nothing better

...than a hot cup of tea is there!!! especially when someone else makes it for you...Welcome to the weekly catch up.
Where to start.. where to start.. where to start...OK i will start with the cheque first today... he is working hard as usual, however in saying that he has tonight off, i think its his first saturdy night off since i've known him... and guess what were guessed it NOTHING!!!!!! he is watching footy and i am doing this while waiting for my M-I-L to call back from sydney with computer problems.. The poor Lady, has had a web cam for over 6 months now and the blasted thing wont work, she has had the neighbours round to try and do it, the family have tried to do it both to no success, so today she had a computer tech head around for 3 hrs, played around with it charged her $450.00 and the bloody thing still doesn't work...stupid tech heads (i dont mean you uncle kim if you are reading this, your a cool tech head!!!! oh and very handsome as well MWHAHAHA, am i in the good books now!) (Oh and any other tech heads out there that read are hansome tooooo.).M-I-L is re loading everything then is going to call back and we will fix it together...(I have the same camera and loaded mine in 5 min!!!) so together via the skill of the telephone we should be able to get it done...Then she will be able to see her beautiful grand daughter (and her beautiful daughter-in-law) on the screen!!!! (i did mention that for $450.00 she could have flown me to sydney FIRST CLASS for that price mind you and i would have installed it for her) cheeky me!!! but hopefully we will get it done...
Master dozer is at his dads this weekend and is playing footy at samford should be a tough game but they are improving every week if only they would argue with the other team instead of between themselves they might play a little better, but boys will be boys... still designated flag boy at school, although some one beat him to it one afternoon last week ..he was not a happy camper at all.... "they didn't even fold it right" and "they put it in the wrong draw" "don't they have any respect for our country", "i bet you they even let it touch the ground" YES he does take his job very seriously!!!!
Miss Hiccup is NOT being an angel this week!!! teething i think, and i think she is doing it on the cross!! poor bubba, another unhappy camper in the house!! In saying this she is still adorable and a good girl, just wingey and a little clingy, may have something to do with me going back to work a couple of mornings a week as well!!!
Scrap comp is over and i did fairly well, i was so proud of my self, i achieved far more than i ever expected, pushed my creative self to the limit, and even submitted some of my work for publication ( and had it accepted) yay yay yay, i tried many new techniques, went way out of my comfort zone and met some wonderful, wonderful, wonderful ladies so all in all i had a fabulous time...(pat on the back for me)!! By the emails i have been receiving, i think there is some sort of presentation dinner dance gala thingy happening for it, as we were told to buy a new frock, get out hair done, put on a set of heals and dust of the mantel!!! cant wait to see what is going on!! Went into the local scrap shop today and ordered my "mothers day pressie from the kids" 1 brand spanking new self sharpening cutter!!! cant wait to get that gee the kids have great taste...heheheheh....well better go will leave you with photos of Miss Hiccups most recent antics talk soon ........Axxx

Have you ever wondered (warning its a long one!)

what life would be like if you never had to work, if you could walk into a shop and everything was free, if we had rain!!, if babies came with instruction manuals.........naahhh me either.. Hi everyone i know its been a while but now that i am not a stay at home mum any more boo...hoo...hoo... i havent really had time to dedicate myself to you all out there in cyber land... but today, right now i am giving you 43min... were would you like me to start....Work, O.K. then.. here goes do you all have your stop watches going... work is well...umm... work really, nothing changes after you have been away for 6 months.. all my old clients have returned to me which is really nice to see....and... they had to get a computer to replace me as there was no one there that could do the books!!! (who said that hairdressers would never be replaced with computers)!! Im only doing 2 x 5hr days and i think that its enough money!!! I've never worked part time before its kinda nice..
Master Dozer.... he is doing really well, loving school at the moment, with being given the responsibility to look after the new preps at school with a few other grade 7'ers, being designated "flag boy" i never knew how much responsibility came with a job like "flag boy"!!! did you know that there is a specific way to fold it, and words to say as your doing it...and you can't let it touch the ground and and and.... to many rules to write..."its all about respect" say's Dozer!!. Then theres band practice (orchestra) as most of you know he plays the tuba, its almost bigger than him!! then there is rock band practice which he is the lead singer for!!!(i know don't ask me either!!), and Friday school soccer.. THEN theres club rugby league - practice is on Tuesday and Thursday nights and game day is Sunday... and there goes my life.. They have just had all there grading games and don't ask me how but they have put the boys in first division!!! Yes first division i hear you say!!! And they only won 1 game out of 5 and there is no way they can defeat the other teams they have put in the same grade... but oh well... a challenge is always good! (poor little blighters!!)
Miss Hiccup is doing very very well she is growing every day, we bought her a walker the other day (because in reality nothing in shops is free!) and she can manage to go backwards but not forwards, and for all of you who said "a walker what about your stairs" well don't worry your little selves it has these brake things that make it lock up when it senses uneven ground...clever huh!! ( just a time check i have 12 min left!!) She is very giggly now and it is so cute Mum heard her belly laugh for the first time she has her on Fridays while i am doing my big"5hrs work" she is sssoooooo cute, and such a good bub.. she has about 6 teeth coming through at once at the moment, poor bugger!
She started solids 2 weeks ago too.. as she is not drinking enough milk (i think it hurts her teeth when they rub on the teat) so we put her on rice cereal, she isn't tooo bad with it, but likes it much better when i add a little mushed pears to it!! (and she is pretty fond of mushy milk arrowroot bikkies too).. but who isn't.
The cheque is still working hard to provide us with the life we have become accustomed too...bread and water are just a bonus... no kidding we get bread and green cordial!!!! He is "at the pub" tonight to watch the Australia v's Kiwi's game (bloody kiwi's) (no offence Uncle Ross)...sorry didn't think you were who knows what time or condition he will come home will be a suprise!!... well he has to walk home so i am guessing he wont be that bad.. and he has to work tomorrow...yay more cordial!!
now lets talk about my scrap comp... it is nearly at an end i have completed all of my challenges now and there is no more to go. you can go to to see them all... so i will have a little bit more time to spend with you all now... and get some more work done for Think PinQ as i have been getting a little slack lately!!! Sorry PinQ's>> well i better go and i will leave you with a few recent photos of my soon....Ax (only 1 min to go) i will give an extra 1 minute next time... however if i keep typing it will be up...Dum de dum de dum da da loo de da da dum (mwhahahaha)Bye x x x x x

AWE aint she cute!

"its rice cereal!!!! not what you think

a school pack horse!!!

Dress Ups.